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As part of our commitment to promote better health, we are offering this free and confidential well-being program as a new supplement to your health benefits package. Our partner administers the program, Navigate Wellbeing Solutions, and will help you focus on your mental, physical, and emotional health. You will have access to online learning tools, a well-being assessment, group challenges, personal challenges, and much more—be sure to use the program’s online resources to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are!

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If you would like to gain access to the portal as an employee's plus one, register at the link below. All plus-ones are added to the system weekly, please provide up to seven business days for your information to be uploaded to the system.

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What can you do on the portal?

Group Challenges

Each year portal participants will be able to participate in 4 group challenges. These challenges are pre-selected each year to focus on different health and wellness topics where participants will compete against one another (and themselves) to work on improving different areas of their wellness. Check out the portal to see which group challenges are being offered this year and when they are being offered!

Individual Challenges

In addition to the 4 group challenges, participants can select from a list of over 40 different health and wellness challenges that they can begin at any time! Unlike the group challenges, individuals are only competing against themselves in these types of challenges, and there are no specific registration dates to worry about! These challenges range in health topics, length of challenge, and activity types! Check out the full list of options for the individual challenges on the portal.

Events Calendar

Never miss an up-and-coming event again! Check out all the events ( in-person and virtually) happening through HealthierU program on the events calendar. 

Video Learning Library

Dive deeper into your knowledge of a variety of health and wellness topics with the video learning library! With over 45 video courses to choose from, pick whichever topic sparks your interest and jump in! Courses will range from a number of videos and anticipated days to complete. Check out the full list of options on the portal.

Social Wall

Stay in the know with the program updates on the social wall! This feature is a great way to communicate across the program and to see what others are saying! In addition to the main social wall, participants can also join sub-groups! These subgroups allow participants to have focused conversations around various topics or passions. Participants can join a sub-group that sparks their interest or create their own and market it for new members on the main social wall! Check out the social wall on the portal to see what's being discussed today and to join some awesome subgroups!

Track Your Stats

Participants can keep track of all their wellness stats with this feature! Track nutrition, fitness, sleep patterns, and so much more! If participants download the smartphone app for the portal and sync their wearable fitness device to the program, the stats will automatically sync with the portal! Otherwise, participants can manually add in data through the app or the desktop option!

Additional Resources

In addition to all the other fun features on this portal, participants now have access to even more resources including wellness articles, workouts, recipes, and even a meal planner guide to help organize a weekly meal guide!

Frequently Asked Questions about the HealthierU Wellness Portal

Who is eligible to use the HealthierU Wellness Portal?

All benefits-eligible UNL employees can access and use the HealthierU Wellness Portal. Once an employee is registered through the portal they have the opportunity to have a "plus one" account that can be used by a spouse, partner, child (above the age of 18), or friend. The individuals using a "plus one" account can participate in all the challenges, education courses, and wellness resources.

Do I need to enroll in UNL benefits to use the portal?

No, you only need to be eligible to enroll in benefits to gain access to register for the portal.

Do I have to download the smartphone app to use the portal?

No, a desktop option exists to manage and input your data on the portal! If you use the smartphone app you can sync your wearable fitness devices to automatically sync your data for fitness challenges.

How do I sync my Apple watch or Samsung  Health watch to my app?

Learn how to connect your smartwatch to your portal by viewing the "How to" guide.

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