Wellness Coaching

University Employees can register for free wellness coaching as a service provided by the HealthierU Employee Wellness program.  

What is a Wellness Coach?

Wellness coaches are health and wellness professionals who work collaboratively with clients to facilitate the achievement of self-determined goals related to balanced healthy living.

Through wellness coaching, clients will:

  • expand their knowledge of the different dimensions of wellness
  • define wellness goals specific to their needs
  • establish action steps necessary to achieve their goals
  • identify on-campus and local wellness resources
  • make strides towards living a healthier lifestyle

Wellness coaches are not responsible for prescribing workout plans, nutritional plans, or advice, or to take the place of a licensed mental health practitioner.

What does wellness coaching look like?

Clients work with their coach in a 1-hour, virtual or in-person intake session. During the initial session, clients will work together towards developing a plan to best fit their motivational desires and aspirations towards healthy living. After the initial consultation, a 45-minute follow-up session will be scheduled 2 to 4 weeks after the initial consultation to review program progress. The final 45-minute session is scheduled 2 to 4 weeks following the first follow-up session. If you have any further questions regarding wellness coaching please contact us at Healthieru@unl.edu. 

To book a session with a wellness coach please email HealthierU@UNL.edu with your preferred session date, time, and location ( virtual or in-person at the University Health Center). 

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